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I use my inbox, as a todo list, inspired by GTD, but there is no way I can figure out what to do, if I have 500 items. I want to cut it down, get rid of the junk, file the references in the right places, group related ones into projects, and mark out high-pri stuff.

I think PowerShell can help me here. It can help me figure out, what exactly is in my inbox, where are they coming from, and show me views which are more actionable.

For example, I should be able see all the emails sent from a machine, as opposed to a person. There probably junk. Also, I should be able to filter out discussion aliases, and those could be junk. Team mail, mail from peers and managers probably belong in one bucket, and personal stuff in another.

I got some links to try out
– http://grinding-it-out.blogspot.com/2008/04/little-powershell-fun.html
– http://blogs.msdn.com/jmanning/archive/2007/01/25/using-powershell-for-outlook-automation.aspx

I start with
PS C:\Users\ibrar> $inbox.Items.Count

Ok, who are my top senders
function Get-TopSenders($emailList) {
    $emailList.Items | group SenderName | sort count
Get-TopSenders -emailList $inbox

Here are a few,
   15 Osama ..
   18 James ..
   30 Jon ..
   32 Ibrahim ..
   36 Lucio  ..
   68 Refaat ..

200 out of 531, which is a good place to start

Next I did, find me all external (non-microsoft) mail
@($inbox.Items) | ?{$_.SenderEmailType -eq ‘SMTP’} | select SenderName,Subject
It gives me 42 mails. Microsoft mail would have the type ‘EX’

Next, I have my list of things I can filter on, general keywords, like OOF

That’s about as far as PowerShell would get me
I ran out of ideas, and AD is not working well for me. It would be nice if I could just go, “Which sender doesn’t have a last name”? (Machine senders)

I’m at zero inbox, but with a lot of manual filtering. Sigh. 40 Items in my ‘basket’ (should be called inbox, hurm), 16 project folders, and a full calendar for 1 week, hopefully I will reach true zero by EOD Friday

Thinking about it, I should also add rules based on receiver. Am I the only receiver, was it sent to a DL, etc.

Faking Zero for now,
Waim Brown


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