Wow, I’m going to outdo myself

I know nothing about movie making, but I think it would be super cool if children picked it up, children I care about. What stories would they tell? What impact would they make? Should be fun.

They have a whole summer vacation to try it out. I’ve picked up 2 books, and a new camcorder, and we’re ready to go.

I have NO idea where to start. Please help.

Iskandar’s like, just take shots, they put it together into a story afterwords. Kids are creative, but when you ask them to do “anything” they cant. Julianna is pushing me to give more direction and structure. Easy, IF I knew what I was doing.

We’re starting small with movie charades. Made a list of movies they knew, 20 movies, it’s harder to get than I thought. Each boy is given 2 movies (random), acts out three scenes, its recorded, edited, put together, and shown.

Kids have to guess what movie it is, what scene it came from, lots of fun, lots of bad acting, bad ideas. We talked about sets, we talked about drama, we talked about having two people instead of one in the scene, talked about costumes and make up. An excellent conversation to start it off.

Movies came down to

  • Spiderman 3 (take off venom, act cool in restaurant, pole fight)
  • Garfield (run into car, kick off dog, something?)
  • Simpson (Spider pig, dump trash from truck, motorcycle)
  • Kungfu Panda (Chopstick fight, fight/fall off stairs, fight dummy)
  • Harry Potter (Dragon egg, run from spider, invisible blanket)
  • 300 (kick into pit, die form arrow, wolf fight)

We can copy MP4 (HD) from camcorder. Pazera is a wrapper over ffmpeg converts MP4 to mpg, http://download.cnet.com/Pazera-Free-MP4-to-AVI-Converter/3000-2194_4-10784027.html. Windows Movie Maker works great to extract it out into clips


My plan is to come p with 10 games, where they try out acting, making a set, editing, special effects, writing, directing, etc.

I need ideas here. Lots of them, good or bad

Play all 10 games, repeat some of them, then come up with a movie title, and start.

Again, any “game movie” ideas out there?

Back to reading text books,
Uneducated teacher,
Waim Brown


Owning System Files

Takeown + ICACLS, gives me the right combo to delete system files

takeown /F C:\Windows\System32\WindowsPowerShell /R
ICACLS C:\Windows\System32\WindowsPowerShell /grant REDMOND\ibrar:F /T
#rd /s/q C:\Windows\System32\WindowsPowerShell

Come to think of it, no one outside of the PowerShell team will ever need to do this…



I get all these fake bots following me, and like urgh…

Well, my theory is, anyone who follows more than 1000 people must be a bot, and PowerShell could be hacked together to help me find that list.

Its looking good,

$wc = new-object System.Net.Webclient
$wc.Credentials = new-object System.Net.NetworkCredential “waim”,”MY_PASSWORD_TRY_IT”
$followers = [xml]$wc.DownloadString(“http://twitter.com/statuses/followers.xml?screen_name=waim”)

$friends = [xml]$wc.DownloadString(“http://twitter.com/statuses/friends.xml?screen_name=waim”)
$friends = $friends.users.user | select -ExpandProperty screen_name

$followers | select screen_name, @{Expression={[int]($_.friends_count)};Name=”Count”},@{Expression={“http://twitter.com/$($_.screen_name)”};Name=”Link”} | sort count | ft -AutoSize

What I did was find my friends list, find my followers list, then find all the followers who are not my friends.

Then, I sort them by number of people they follow

screen_name     Count Link
———–     —– —-
abdrahman82        12 http://twitter.com/abdrahman82
OnlineAlarmClck    38 http://twitter.com/OnlineAlarmClck
madelenej          47 http://twitter.com/madelenej
RedmondHV         152 http://twitter.com/RedmondHV
alexandair        178 http://twitter.com/alexandair
ebgreen           195 http://twitter.com/ebgreen
DrRez             690 http://twitter.com/DrRez
Jerejak           799 http://twitter.com/Jerejak
twirex            912 http://twitter.com/twirex
PaulPetterson    1050 http://twitter.com/PaulPetterson
danphilpott      1211 http://twitter.com/danphilpott
NocturnalJungle  1438 http://twitter.com/NocturnalJungle
SpencerFerguson  1809 http://twitter.com/SpencerFerguson
visiblenet       2001 http://twitter.com/visiblenet
Deskcretary      4668 http://twitter.com/Deskcretary
E_Stampede      15051 http://twitter.com/E_Stampede

Nice list.

The first guy is amy brother in law who is drowned out by the spam bots. Its nice to see him there, so I can add him as a friend

500+ seems to be a threshold, everyone after that is a BOT

alexandair        178 http://twitter.com/alexandair
ebgreen           195 http://twitter.com/ebgreen

Are powershell peeps. They follow a lot, but they also have a lot of followers. A delta might be a better judge of Botyness. Like that word, lets use it in the title

I still havent updated the script to block all the bots. Maybe later, at least now I know who are enemy

If you hear this, you are the resistance,

Waim Brown

Weekends in Seattle

Here is a collection of things to do on the weekend
 – Eat out
   o Sushi at sushi land
   o Super Special Sushi in the City (Authentic, chef right in front of you)
   o Super Huge burgers at XXX Burgers
 – Biking
   o Sammamish River Trail
   o Burke Gilman Trail
 – Swimming
   o Find an apartment pool
   o Public pools (need to find the time)
 – With friends
   o Bon Fire
   o BBQ
 – Karaoke
   o At home with Machine
   o At home with Lips on Xbox
   o In Chinatown
 – Travel
   o Leavenworth
 – Snow boarding
   o Crystal mountain (advanced)
   o Stevens Pass (beginner)
 – Jog/Walk
   o Greenlake
   o Watershed Park (Deer on the trails)
   o Alkai Beach
 – Coffee
   o Starbucks, UV, open till 2am
   o Starbucks, Kirkland, open till 12am
   o Victors, Irish coffee place
 – Brunch
   o Pomegranate, Redmond, classy
   o Portage bay, UW Area, nice
 – Shopping
   o Redmond Town Center (Lame)
   o Bellevue Square (ok)
   o Marysville, 1 hour, (good)
   o Portland, Oregon (3 hours), the best

I was asked, what activities, programs, or ideas would really bring the youth together and empower local communities.

And I went on my merry way, thinking, pondering and I got stuck.
The youth are not a homogenous group. And as bad as it feels to say it, I’m getting old, I’m out of touch.

I need one brilliant idea, and I have no such things

What if. What if I don’t have to be smart. What if I don’t have to know.
It’s a bit arrogant to believe that I have an answer. It’s very arrogant to believe my non-existent answer would be right.

I can replace pondering with energy, and hard work. I can try things out. I can make mistakes.

Perhaps, walking the more humble path of discovery, doing anything that I can, doing everything that I can, will materialize into something better.

Something better than waiting for that great idea.

Make a mistake, I dare you,
Mr. Waim

I think I get it now…

Isn’t it obvious, the only way to make large positive social changes for issues you’re passionate about, is to dedicate thousands of hours to it?

Isn’t it obvious, sacrifice is needed, and the serious ones would give up job, friends and family life?

It has taken a while, but I’m better understanding what the ‘middle path’ means.

It means, I cant quit my job. It means I must have a family. It means I must have a life.

And it means that while having all of that, I remain honest to myself, morally upright, spiritually connected, socially aware and socially active.

I’m horrible at multitasking. If I watch TV, you don’t exists. If I wear one sock, and get distracted, it will take me half an hour before I wear the next one. But …

But those are the rules of the game. No cheating allowed, and savings and money, doesn’t make a difference.

I feel a new energy. Like before I gave more excuses. Like before I would say, I’ll be better latter. Like before I would be waiting for something.

There is nothing to wait for, and the little things I do now, are better than the big things I plan for later.

Mini me, better me,

Mr. Waim

New Machine, New Hope

I just got a netbook. Its really light, and easy to carry around. I hope I do that, and everywhere I go I will keep myself engaged with my thoughts and keep reminding myself of my responsibilities.

The MSI Wind really is like a small notepad, only one that’s connected to the internet.

My last laptop had the same hope. It was the first machine I ever bought. But it was too heavy for me to carry around comfortably. With the tiny-nest of the netbook I wonder what new excuse I’ll come up with for not updating my blogs…

Mobile Me,
Waim Brown