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Julianna gets an awesome ida, lets make a music video. To me, thats 3 activities. One is from the lyrics, break it down to slots, then act it out. Hurm, that part is like 2 activities itself, shot planning and acting.

Second game, I’ll get the kids to use the camera. Here I will be an evil dictator, anyone who talks on the set, or appears on the set, will not get a chance to use it. Hehe, evil grin. Camera will be a pep talk about, lighting, keeping still, focus, panning, lots of fun. They’ve been asking for it, I think they are ready.

Third activity, will be editing, put all the pieces together, get the timing right, and put it together. One thing kind of slack, is that we only have 1 camera, and editing is boring on one camera

We played game one today. Lots of fun, lots of pain. Lots of me screeming, get out of the set, no talking, kids come here. I nearly lost my voice. Dealing with kids, you always need to be in high energy. Ayman merajuk/sulking for a but, very uncooperative, but once he saw how much fun we had, he joined back in. That was a good sign.

The music video we want to make is “Beautiful girls” by Sean Kingston. Like before, we got a list of 10ish songs, and had a vote. Ayman printed the lyrics, and I went over the lines in the lyrics, and asked, “how would we act this?”

We came up with 15ish sets,

  1. Get hit by a ball
  2. Run into a wall
  3. Run into a bicycle
  4. Drool
  5. Guy drawing hot girl
  6. Shot to the head
  7. Fall off building
  8. Knife to the heart
  9. Swing
  10. Picnic, steal the heart, eat it
  11. Brain and squish
  12. Shopping
  13. Tell you what to do
  14. Couch, watch movie, star wars, popcorn, chips
  15. Police, victim, arrested, handcuffs
  16. Beep comic
  17. Goodbye, meet me at the mall

Note, we have 5 guys, and no girls, to do a song about beautiful girls, so planning a shot is tough

We got through about 1 to 7. It took three hours to film 1 minute, with 6 scenes. Also we repeated each scene around 3 times, with different actors and had and 1 watermelon break

Finally, we sat together and looked through the footage, lots of laughs. We voted on the acting for each scene. That was fun!! They were invested in choosing the funniest and best scene, a I feel that they’ll be invested in acting their best, and doing an awesome camera shooting job.

I did some encoding and editing in front of them, so they can see a bit of movie maker, early intro. I imported the sounds, and put the best clips together.

The loved it!!! The one minute was hilarious!! Showed it to their mom and grandmother. They all wanted to upload it to youtube, I’m divided between putting it on youtube, and waiting for it to finish before putting it up

I feel like Julianna wants to have more creative influence over the show; She’s got these ideas. But being the director makes me, well, there can only be one director. Ideas dont go through unless the kids come up with it, or they agree to it, or I sneak it in. Phew, I’m glad I dont have to deal with me as the director. And I’m glad she gets it, and doesn’t try to push her ideas around. Sorry.

Long day, lots done, lots of fun. Hopefully not too much fun, and the kids learn something.

Screaming Director,
Waim Brown


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Wow, I’m going to outdo myself

I know nothing about movie making, but I think it would be super cool if children picked it up, children I care about. What stories would they tell? What impact would they make? Should be fun.

They have a whole summer vacation to try it out. I’ve picked up 2 books, and a new camcorder, and we’re ready to go.

I have NO idea where to start. Please help.

Iskandar’s like, just take shots, they put it together into a story afterwords. Kids are creative, but when you ask them to do “anything” they cant. Julianna is pushing me to give more direction and structure. Easy, IF I knew what I was doing.

We’re starting small with movie charades. Made a list of movies they knew, 20 movies, it’s harder to get than I thought. Each boy is given 2 movies (random), acts out three scenes, its recorded, edited, put together, and shown.

Kids have to guess what movie it is, what scene it came from, lots of fun, lots of bad acting, bad ideas. We talked about sets, we talked about drama, we talked about having two people instead of one in the scene, talked about costumes and make up. An excellent conversation to start it off.

Movies came down to

  • Spiderman 3 (take off venom, act cool in restaurant, pole fight)
  • Garfield (run into car, kick off dog, something?)
  • Simpson (Spider pig, dump trash from truck, motorcycle)
  • Kungfu Panda (Chopstick fight, fight/fall off stairs, fight dummy)
  • Harry Potter (Dragon egg, run from spider, invisible blanket)
  • 300 (kick into pit, die form arrow, wolf fight)

We can copy MP4 (HD) from camcorder. Pazera is a wrapper over ffmpeg converts MP4 to mpg, http://download.cnet.com/Pazera-Free-MP4-to-AVI-Converter/3000-2194_4-10784027.html. Windows Movie Maker works great to extract it out into clips


My plan is to come p with 10 games, where they try out acting, making a set, editing, special effects, writing, directing, etc.

I need ideas here. Lots of them, good or bad

Play all 10 games, repeat some of them, then come up with a movie title, and start.

Again, any “game movie” ideas out there?

Back to reading text books,
Uneducated teacher,
Waim Brown

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