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Weekends in Seattle

Here is a collection of things to do on the weekend
 – Eat out
   o Sushi at sushi land
   o Super Special Sushi in the City (Authentic, chef right in front of you)
   o Super Huge burgers at XXX Burgers
 – Biking
   o Sammamish River Trail
   o Burke Gilman Trail
 – Swimming
   o Find an apartment pool
   o Public pools (need to find the time)
 – With friends
   o Bon Fire
   o BBQ
 – Karaoke
   o At home with Machine
   o At home with Lips on Xbox
   o In Chinatown
 – Travel
   o Leavenworth
 – Snow boarding
   o Crystal mountain (advanced)
   o Stevens Pass (beginner)
 – Jog/Walk
   o Greenlake
   o Watershed Park (Deer on the trails)
   o Alkai Beach
 – Coffee
   o Starbucks, UV, open till 2am
   o Starbucks, Kirkland, open till 12am
   o Victors, Irish coffee place
 – Brunch
   o Pomegranate, Redmond, classy
   o Portage bay, UW Area, nice
 – Shopping
   o Redmond Town Center (Lame)
   o Bellevue Square (ok)
   o Marysville, 1 hour, (good)
   o Portland, Oregon (3 hours), the best


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