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I was asked, what activities, programs, or ideas would really bring the youth together and empower local communities.

And I went on my merry way, thinking, pondering and I got stuck.
The youth are not a homogenous group. And as bad as it feels to say it, I’m getting old, I’m out of touch.

I need one brilliant idea, and I have no such things

What if. What if I don’t have to be smart. What if I don’t have to know.
It’s a bit arrogant to believe that I have an answer. It’s very arrogant to believe my non-existent answer would be right.

I can replace pondering with energy, and hard work. I can try things out. I can make mistakes.

Perhaps, walking the more humble path of discovery, doing anything that I can, doing everything that I can, will materialize into something better.

Something better than waiting for that great idea.

Make a mistake, I dare you,
Mr. Waim


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Isn’t it obvious, the only way to make large positive social changes for issues you’re passionate about, is to dedicate thousands of hours to it?

Isn’t it obvious, sacrifice is needed, and the serious ones would give up job, friends and family life?

It has taken a while, but I’m better understanding what the ‘middle path’ means.

It means, I cant quit my job. It means I must have a family. It means I must have a life.

And it means that while having all of that, I remain honest to myself, morally upright, spiritually connected, socially aware and socially active.

I’m horrible at multitasking. If I watch TV, you don’t exists. If I wear one sock, and get distracted, it will take me half an hour before I wear the next one. But …

But those are the rules of the game. No cheating allowed, and savings and money, doesn’t make a difference.

I feel a new energy. Like before I gave more excuses. Like before I would say, I’ll be better latter. Like before I would be waiting for something.

There is nothing to wait for, and the little things I do now, are better than the big things I plan for later.

Mini me, better me,

Mr. Waim

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