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I’m having more and more conversations with Iskandar, an artist in the Seattle area.

So in art, every painting is judge against art from hundreds of years ago. The competition is fierce. Can you really draw a bird better than a hundred birds painted before? Can you draw a Picaso better than Picaso himself? And since human emotions don’t evolved very fast, artist are still stuck with love/hate/anger/hunger/care etc.

The old masters, are still masters, because they it really is difficult to dethrone them.

But, in Computer Science, every new program has the opportunity to build on other programs, and an opportunity to be consumed by other programs. There are new graphics libraries letting you do more, .NET is HUGE, more content management frameworks to build on for the web, RockBand 2 builds on RockBand 1, PowerShell connects you to ISS, SQL, AD, Exchange making 10 lines of code super powerful.

Software just grows faster.

Software is judge by their contemporaries rather than their predecessors. iPhone vs Mobile, Live vs Google, PHP vs Perl, C# vs Java

I wonder if, in 100 years from now, there will be “program history” classes.

Some stuff already out there


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